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Texture Modular October 30, 2009

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For this modular, I chose to pursue a more abstract feel. I thought about making a barn, which in the end turned out well I think. I feel like if I had more time, perhaps I could work on a few more things to make it better, but overall, I think it turned out great. I feel like the fabrics on the land could have been a bit more understated and that would have helped the composition. List of textures:

Sun- fantasy film,Clouds- cotton balls,Barn-popsicle sticks,Barn roof- tin roofing,Silo- aluminum foil,Sky- silk dance skirt,Land is a mixture of Vera Bradley quilted purse, plaid, wool blanket, and a plaid corderouy fabric.

Overall, I like the spacial depth of the composition, but I do wish it was in color and I had more time to work on this process. 🙂

-Jessie 😀


Space Modular October 23, 2009

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This modular and its time constraints gave me some trouble, but I ended up liking the shallow composition. I used a mosaic treatment on the gingham checked wallpaper to make the composition more interesting, and took a more organic treatment on the teapot, which makes the composition contrast a bit more. I had a great deal of trouble on the deep composition, although I did like the sunflower picture I added for a punch and to balance out the composition. I do not really care for the finished product, and would change a few things if I could. I would try to find a deeper way to set up the image to make it more visually interesting and have more spatial depth.

Texture Mod. Rough Sketch…. October 23, 2009

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I haven’t had any time to work on this modular yet, and this is just a rough sketch, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Naturally, I will have a reference photo to work with once I approve it with the owner of the property. There will be a silo beside the barn, and I do not have textures figured out yet for the barn and the barn roof, and also the silo… I was thinking tin foil for it…maybe crinkle it up for the top part. Thanks!

rough sketch texture mod.. copy

Value Modular October 12, 2009

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Grayscale version value mod

After many complications arising, this project was overall a very tough modular for me. It did not turn out how I wanted it to, and I am not satisfied with the results. I should be using my re-do on this modular, unless I completely miss another one. I feel like in the end, it took on a somewhat cartoon-ish quality. I also wish there was a better way to make a wood grain texture that looks realistic. I liked how the layering of the wood came out against the tablecloth, but I think it would have turned out better with a realistic wood grain. Although I am not overly satisfied with this project, I did learn a few more techniques, and plan on learning quite a few more to help me with the next few modulars.


Passive/Active Space in Art October 5, 2009

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I chose to look at Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn” for this assignment.

The passive space in this composition includes the lines in between the different faces, and also the solid colored space behind her face. This provides a “visual rest” for the composition. Because of the over-load of color, the solid blocks behind her help your eyes to rest. The color changes and overlapped style of this composition present active space. The solid backgrounds also provide for an established figure/ground relationship in the composition.

Shape Modular October 2, 2009

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This modular was a bit more difficult, especially trying to figure out what aspects I wanted to use for the ambiguous design. Once I decided to just use the pegs of the gears for the ambiguous composition, I was able to make a successful ambiguous design with no definite figure/ground. I had trouble with the organic design also, but in different ways. I felt that my rough drafts were very hectic looking. Nothing really worked together at first, and after playing with it for a while, I found that the many different styles of organic gears were complicating the design way too much. I decided to use only one version of the organic gears, but with varying values and scale. I am pretty happy overall with my geometric composition. I enjoy the layering effect I ended up with. I think it gives it more of a clock-like design. I want to play more with value next time though. Other than that, I really like my designs.

Design Interpretation September 21, 2009

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I decided to take a look at a favorite of mine: Vincent Van Gogh’s “Cafe at Night”


LITERAL: I see a café. You see the starry sky (a large part of many of Van Gogh’s masterpieces), you see the tables and chairs and people sitting there. You see a waiter, and you see a gorgeous use of color. You can also see the balconies and the different textures of the cobblestones, tree, and railings.

 TEXTURAL: Texturally (where it fits into a story or text) I imagine that this could be quite a few stories. It could be the tale of a back-alley (generalized from the minimal people in the painting) café’s success, it could hold a hidden love story, it could be the cover of a mystery novel, as you can see there are thousands of ways this could be portrayed as a story. I feel like the not necessarily desolate, but empty feeling of this painting makes room for many interpretations.

 INTERTEXTUAL: The bright yellow value concentration in the bottom left side shows us that is where the focus should be. The people are very concentrated instead of spread out in the small café, which could show that maybe this is a party or a meeting?

Balance Modular September 16, 2009

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Jessie final balance

I had trouble at first trying to find a design, and I feel that there are a few things I need to work on. At first, I was trying to use objects that were more difficult, but then I realized the whole point of the assignment was the balance, not the objects themselves. I really like how my designs turned out, most of all the asymmetrical one, because it seems to draw your eye, in a fun poster-like way. On the next modular, I will be attempting more difficult designs and shapes, because I feel as if mine were a little too simple this time.

~Jessie :)~

Methodologies of Art/Design Analysis September 14, 2009

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For my image, I chose Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With”

Anthropological– Not necessarily a ritual quite yet, the desegregation of southern schools was a huge step. This shows the first of a series of ritual beginnings for African-Americans in schools. As for a sense of place, we see that the girl is being escorted by U.S. Marshals into a building with racial slurs on the side and a tomato thrown at the wall. This tells us by association of previous knowledge that she is going into an all-white school or place of business.

Ethical-The social implications are very blatant proving that the desegregation of schools was a huge matter. For one side of society, there were racial slurs and prejudice and for the other, they couldn’t help but have a prejudiced view because of how the other side treated them. This shows that one little first grade girl needed four grown U.S. Marshals to take her into the school.

Feminist– It is promoting equality in that they are desegregating, not in a feminist manner.

Marxist– It was a growing time, in which the economy grew, and the population grew rapidly. It was a time for change, as shown in the brave act of going to school.

Semiotic– This painting was made to memorialize a girl in history. She was the first African-American student to go to an all-white school, so the message behind this is change, courage, and equality.

~Jessie~ 🙂

Thumbnail Ideas…. (very rough) September 2, 2009

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Here are my three pages for thumbnail ideas…I feel like I can do much better on them though, especially if I knew that the images would be in my knowledge range on Illustrator.

jessie thumbnails 1jessie thumbnails 2 1jessie thumbnails 2Like I said, they’re rough. 🙂