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Methodologies of Art/Design Analysis September 14, 2009

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For my image, I chose Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With”

Anthropological– Not necessarily a ritual quite yet, the desegregation of southern schools was a huge step. This shows the first of a series of ritual beginnings for African-Americans in schools. As for a sense of place, we see that the girl is being escorted by U.S. Marshals into a building with racial slurs on the side and a tomato thrown at the wall. This tells us by association of previous knowledge that she is going into an all-white school or place of business.

Ethical-The social implications are very blatant proving that the desegregation of schools was a huge matter. For one side of society, there were racial slurs and prejudice and for the other, they couldn’t help but have a prejudiced view because of how the other side treated them. This shows that one little first grade girl needed four grown U.S. Marshals to take her into the school.

Feminist– It is promoting equality in that they are desegregating, not in a feminist manner.

Marxist– It was a growing time, in which the economy grew, and the population grew rapidly. It was a time for change, as shown in the brave act of going to school.

Semiotic– This painting was made to memorialize a girl in history. She was the first African-American student to go to an all-white school, so the message behind this is change, courage, and equality.

~Jessie~ 🙂



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